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Copyright, Fair Use and Motion Pictures

The increasing reliance of motion picture production on the appropriation of reality has given rise to tensions that have been expressed in terms of conflicts over copyright. These tensions have...

How Documentary Filmmakers Overcame their Fear of Quoting and Learned to Employ Fair Use

by Pat Aufderheide How Documentary Filmmakers Overcame their Fear of Quoting and Learned to Employ Fair Use: A Tale of Scholarship in Action appeared in the International Journal of Communication,...

How to Find Out What is in the Public Domain

If you're interested in understanding more about the rules that determines when copyrighted material falls into the public domain, check out this chart from Professor Peter Hirtle.

Fair Use: An Essential Feature of Copyright

Testimony by Peter Jaszi explaining the legal significance of the doctrine of fair use for creators, consumers and commerce. Given at the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Energy and...

Expanding User Rights For Documentary Filmmakers

by Nick Lewis Funded By: Rockefeller Foundation and Grantmakers In Film And Electronic Media On Sep. 16, 2005, academics, representatives of legal clinics, documentary filmmakers, litigators, and...

Repurposing and Rights: A Non-Profit Summit

A Report by Patricia Aufderheide On May 22, 2006 at American University the Center hosted a convening, "Repurposing and Rights: A Non-Profit Summit," composed of public broadcasters, librarians,...

Fair use in Journalism: “You be the Judge!”

Journalists depend upon fair use, often without knowing it. The Set of Principles in Fair Use for Journalism was created by journalists to..

War on Water

Marymount Manhattan College students Billy Shields and Stuart Kiczek re-purpose old copyright black-and-white footage to illustrate a more modern point about how consumers can cut down on expenses by...

Fair Use Language for Course Syllabi

In your syllabus, you often have some information on copyright. Here is some language to include in that section, specifically on fair use.

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