2023 Anthem Award (Silver) for Purpose & Mission-Driven Work

Awarded for study conducted with MTV Entertainment Studios and When We All Vote: Watching Out for Democracy

Caty Borum on WAMU

The Revolution Will Be Hilarious': Author Caty Borum discusses how comedy will fuel the future of social change

Meet the new 2023 Climate Comedy Cohort

The latest group of comedy writers and performers bringing clean energy solutions to life in our 9-month fellowship and comedy contest

Spotlighting Storytelling and Social Change

The Center for Media & Social Impact (CMSI) is a creative innovation lab and research center that focuses on media for equity and social justice. Our work bridges boundaries between scholars, media producers, social justice organizations, and communication practitioners.

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Documentary & Independent Media

CMSI chronicles the crucial issues facing independent, documentary and public media – as well as the dynamic evolution in the contemporary media era.

Participatory & Civic Media

CMSI investigates and reports on the ways in which media storytelling sets the public agenda, impacts audiences and shapes the future around the pressing social issues of our time.

Entertainment & Popular Culture

At CMSI, we believe that all forms of entertainment have the potential to shape culture. Through our research, we strive to demonstrate the ways in which the media can be a force for public good.

Fair Use Library

CMSI develops tools to better understand how to employ fair use, the right to use copyrighted material without permission or payment, under some circumstances.