The Civic Leadership Stories Project

For decades, the effectiveness and credibility of public service and civic institutions have been under assault from all sides. Now, we are at a crossroads, as a new generation of civic leaders seeks to redefine what public service looks like and what it can accomplish. Will their stories be told?

The Civic Leadership Stories Project supports scriptwriters, showrunners, producers, talent and other creatives telling fictional storylines about civic leaders. Storylines about civic leaders can be found in most TV shows and films. They can help shape audience views about politics, voting, advocacy and power. Told well, these stories can amplify the experiences of a new, more diverse movement of civic leaders, who are shaking up how things are done in places of power, and inspire audiences to public service and civic engagement in real life.

The Project is led by Will Jenkins, Charmion Kinder, and Caty Borum Chattoo with initial support from Cinereach and MTV Entertainment Group