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PEG Access Media Become Local Communication Hubs in Crisis

Public, educational and governmental (PEG) cable channels are essential, and not just in a crisis.

AFI Docs: Living in Spite of It All

As a stopgap measure, the AFI Docs festival in Washington, DC was remarkably satisfying. The technology largely worked; most Zoom participants remembered to mute/unmute; the ticketing was efficient;...

Black Lives Matter.

We, the team at the Center for Media & Social Impact at American University’s School of Communication, express our deep sorrow and unequivocal outrage in response to the murders of George...

How much copyright censorship is OK?

The Copyright Office’s latest report is a real slap in the face for Michael Moore--and everyone who ever posted a painstakingly executed remix, or investigative story, or delicious satire and...

Picasso, Africa and Fair Use: How Art History Expands Its Vision

A leading art historian employed fair use to release a pathbreaking work showing Picasso's roots in colonialist views of Africans.

Fair Use to the Rescue for Online Teaching in the Age of COVID-19

The latest CMSI blog post gives you lots of resources to help you use copyright responsibly in online teaching.

What Creative Artists Should Know About the Future of Intellectual Property — And Why It Matters

Aram Sinnreich provides a timely analysis of how copyrights, patents, and trademarks have political, economic, and cultural implications.

True/False 2020: Reality, Fiction, Foresight

The annual parade, "March March," at True False Film Festival. On the verge of the Great Shutdown, this year’s True/False Film Festival fought off COVID-19 with gallon jugs of hand sanitizer,...

Tools of the Trade: Documentary Makers Talk Gear

This article was originally published on IDA’s website, www.documentary.org For as long as stories have called upon documentary filmmakers to tell them, makers have used—and evolved—technology...

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