Nick Ray is an open-source advocate, WordPress developer, and software architect. He has worked in several forms of digital media production, from crafting student-narrated webisodes in Belgium & France for the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education, to creating mobile apps for the Inter-American Development Bank and University Film & Video Association, to providing infrastructure and web development services for national nonprofits.

In collaboration with Spark Media of DC, he is currently Technology Director for The Search for Harmony, a WordPress plugin that allows students, educators and other creators to remix games for their own education and expression, supported through a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities. The prototype game for this plugin explores the life of George Bridgetower, an Afro-European violin prodigy who worked with Beethoven but has been largely obscured by history. Both the plugin and the game are open-source works that continue to evolve.

Working with Brigid Maher of American University, Nick also built a proof-of-concept titled A Mosque of Her Own, a spatial exploration of the Wangjia Hutong Women’s Mosque in Kaifeng, China, which enriches the space with relevant content.

Nick has worked with CMSi in varying capacities since 2011. As an AU graduate student, he built the first mobile app for the Media That Matters conference held in DC, in 2012. He designed and now maintains the current CMSi website. In addition to these pursuits, Nick also serves as an adjunct instructor for American University, where he teaches web development.