Public Media Podcasts with Fair Use at WVIK

by Patricia Aufderheide

WVIK’s “Gallery Gap” podcast is using the CAA’s Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for the Visual Arts to feature some of the women’s art it discusses on the public radio station’s webpage.

The station, located in the Quad Cities area of northwest Illinois and southeast Iowa, acknowledges the Code on its webpage:

The works on this site are reproduced based on Augustana College’s assessment of fair use of copyrighted works, as outlined by the College Art Association’s Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for the Visual Arts. If you are the copyright holder for a work illustrated on this website, and have questions about its use, please email us.

The notice also says, “This website is intended as an educational resource only, and no monetary gain will be generated from it.” Of course, as the Code clarifies, fair use is also eligible within many contexts where people are making money, and outside educational uses.

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