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Fair Use, Free Speech & IP

New Research Examines Crowd-Sourced Story Banks for Progressive Advocacy

Our research tells a tale not so much of Silicon Valley innovation, but rather of Beltway ingenuity.

CMSI 2019 Year in Review

Read about CMSI's 2019 highlights and find links to our recent work.

IDFA 2019: The Power of Public Memory in Documentary Film

IDFA is the annual über-showcase of documentary film from all over the world, and a pilgrimage site for doc lovers.

Software Preservationists Need, Want—and Now Have–Better Fair Use Knowledge

A just-completed survey of Software Preservation Network members shows that the Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Software Preservation is a needed and welcome tool to get their work done....

Why a Show Known for Its Phallic Humor is Promoting Reproductive Rights

One of the most progressive shows on Netflix right now may be a cartoon about two pubescent boys. While one might not expect a show featuring traditionally masculine humor to be a champion of female...

At Tribeca Film Festival 2019, Fair Use to the Rescue

At Tribeca Film Festival 2019, fair use played a big role in getting the documentary films made. Several filmmakers found fair use an essential tool in making their work. (CMSI co-facilitated, on...

Immersed in Immersive Media at SXSW 2019

SXSW 2019 featured plenty of immersive work to sample, whether interactive or VR or installation. Most of the exciting work is neither nonfiction nor storytelling. It’s experiential, and only...

The Walking Dead, Podcasts, Big Data: Tech and Film at SXSW 2019

The SXSW 2019 panels offered an unstable mix of flagrant self-promotion, corporate hype and industry insight. Buried in it all were nuggets of news. Synergy. Short-form video is circulating more...

Fair Use-Friendly SXSW 2019

The copyright doctrine of fair use, which allows creators to re-use copyrighted material without permission in some circumstances, was the secret ingredient that made many SXSW docs possible. Indeed,...

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