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Fair Use, Free Speech & IP

Artistic Innovation, “The Clock,” and Copyright

How did Christian Marclay make “The Clock”? Fair use, the right to limited re-use of copyrighted material without permission or payment, permits not only more efficient work flows but also...

Stories of Fair Use’s Surprising Power

You use fair use every day! Read some achievements of this hero of copyright policy as used by academics, filmmakers, librarians and more.

Alex Winter, “The Panama Papers”, and the Power of Transparency

At IDFA 2018, Patricia Aufderheide spoke to Alex Winter, the director of "The Panama Papers" about his journey, the film and the future.

Energizing Advocacy and Mobilizing the Public Sphere in Fraught Times

What is the role of documentary in the public sphere? Insights from IDA's Getting Real 2018

Good News on DMCA Exemptions from the Copyright Office

Every three years, users ask the Copyright Office, in the Library of Congress, for exemptions from the Digital Millennium Copyright Act’s strictures on breaking encryption. Without such exemptions,...

“Hidden Levers of IP Control” at Global Congress on Intellectual Property and the Public Interest

(From left: Dr. Andrew Rens, Prof. Rebecca Tushnet, Dr. Aram Sinnreich, Prof. Hillary Brill, Prof. Christine Farley, Prof. Kathy Kleiman, and Dr. Patricia Aufderheide, who moderated the...

How a Strategic Alliance Helped Save the Internet: The Digital Future Coalition

At the September 2018 Global Congress on Intellectual Property and the Public Interest, panelists from around the world gathered to discuss the past and future of balance in copyright. One historic...

Fair Use and the Future of Digital Culture

The latest code of best practices in fair use from the Center focuses on the future of digital culture.

Policy Briefing Note: An International Approach to Data Privacy

This is part of an ongoing research agenda geared toward understanding the increasingly central role of data in our public and civic lives.

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