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Rebel Citizen at Filmfest DC

A quick look at Rebel Citizen showing at Filmfest DC. A film to introduce Haskell Wexler cinematographer and documentarian extraordinaire!

VR Everywhere! At Tribeca FilmFest, Headsets Galore

VR was everywhere at the Tribeca FilmFest, where the standouts were animation productions, not video.

How-tos on Making Media Matter, from the Games and Media Summit

At the Tribeca Film Fest-based Games and Media Summit, new research revealed common weaknesses in achieving social impact with games.

“Fair Use Makes Documentaries Possible:” News from Tribeca Film Festival 2016

At the Tribeca Film Festival, many documentaries actively employed fair use—another marker of the fact that fair use has become a basic feat

SXSW Documentaries: Finding a Voice

A close-up of rainforest dweller in the SXSW-featured film Learning to See. Documentaries excel at giving voice to people, causes and perspectives you may never have known or even thought...

SXSW 2016: Storytelling, Immersion, Engagement

The annual tech-meets-film-meets-music extravaganza that is SXSW was crowded with people trying to pick up tips and trends. How crowded was it? Well, the people willing to wait in line for you for...

Fair Use in Filmmaking at SXSW: Beyond Documentary

At SXSW, Hollywood entertainment lawyer Michael Donaldson showed how his firm is applying the copyright doctrine of fair use—the right to use copyrighted material without permission or payment,...

SXSW for Good: Obama, Abortion, Harassment, Diversity

On launch of the 30th SXSW Interactive and Film Festival, using media and tech for the public good was front and center. Government needs tech.  Pres. Obama used his opening keynote for an...

Fair Use Week: Plenty to Celebrate

To herald Fair Use Week, we’re recalling some of the ways in which creating codes of best practices has changed what people can make and say for the better:   ARTISTS: When the College Art...

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