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No Roadmap: Reflections From an Aspiring Documentary Film Producer

Originally posted on meridianhillpictures.com and reposted with permission. No Roadmap: Reflections From an Aspiring Documentary Film Producer I didn’t go to film school. After graduating with a...

Fair Use Question of the Month

Dear CMSI, I’m a grad student in communications, and I’m comparing the framing of news in various venues. I want to publish my results with an online journal where I can use different media...

At Sydney Film Festival, Aboriginal Makers Lead

The Sydney Film Festival in June, in Australia’s financial capital, may be Australia’s splashiest, with galas and gowns, a film palace and distinguished guests hosted in the Town Hall. One of the...

New CMSI Staff

Meet new members of our team for 2017!

What is the America We See on Public TV? New Report from CMSI

Cross-posted from Current, the newspaper for public media.  How representative is the America represented in public TV’s documentaries? That’s a hot topic at a moment when media behavior is...

AFI DOCS Forum Commenced with Poignant Themes

Acute Discourse on Documentary Film Funding and Sustainability; Zeitgeist of Storytelling; and Purpose and Responsibility of Public Media

Visual Arts Community Shifts Practice on Fair Use

Visual arts professionals saw big changes in institutional practice in the last year, according to the most recent College Art Association survey of almost a thousand professionals, conducted with...

Public Media Podcasts with Fair Use at WVIK

WVIK’s “Gallery Gap” podcast is using the CAA’s Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for the Visual Arts to feature some of the women’s art it discusses on the public radio station’s...

A Social Change Research and Strategy Field Trip to the True/False Film Festival: On Making Ripples in the Pond

How a gun-totting tell-it-like-it-is Mississippi grandma challenged my death penalty views & taught me more about the value of research.

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