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CMSI Community Voice Project Fellow Wins at DC Web Fest

A’Montay Giddings-Watson, a 2017 graduate student fellow in CMSI’s Community Voice Project (CVP) won Silver in the “Trailers & Digital Shorts” category for her short animated...

Tribeca Interactive: Experiencing the Obvious Is Work

This is cross-posted from the Immerse newsletter. At Tribeca Film Festival 2018, the virtual reality expo was divided into three parts: an arcade of varied works in varied formats; group viewings of...

Hot-Topic Documentaries at Tribeca Go Beyond the Headlines

This is cross-posted from the International Documentary Association newsletter. What do you see at a film festival? At Tribeca Film Festival, that would be television programs, online episodes,...

Social-Issue Docs at #SXSW2018

Documentaries of all kinds—including the expectable presold and slotted music docs, liquor-brand docs, sports docs—proliferated at SXSW 2018

Platform Anxiety at SXSW

The sky is black with chickens coming home to roost for the platforms and apps that once loved to launch at SXSW.

Diversity Begins to Scale at SXSW

SXSW seemed to take diversity more seriously than in the past. There were more women on panels and keynoting...

Fair Use Question of the Month: Fair Use & YouTube

I am a YouTube addict who dabbles in video making of my own. I’m worried though as some of my videos have included copyrighted material.

Happy Fair Use Week! And Where to Find the Good Stuff

Happy Fair Use Week celebrated by CMSI and so many other organizations!

Rethinking Fair Use: Rebekah Modrak and the Art of Creative Critique

Rebekah Modrak, a visual artist and teacher at the University of Michigan, employs fair use to make better art.

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