Story Movements 2024 in Pictures!

We held our 2024 Story Movements convening two weeks ago at Planet Word and it was a blast, thanks in no small part to our amazing emcee Gabe González! As always, Gabe brought the hilarity and the heart that makes this event so special. Thank you, Gabe!

As part of our “Social Media, AI, and Tech for the Future,” the wonderful Ravi Iyer spoke about what he learned about misinformation and content moderation while working for Meta. It was a fascinating talk and we learned so much.

The power and purpose of documentary filmmaking was on full display during our panel on “Documentary Empowerment for Building a Just World.” Special thanks to our speakers David Conrad Perez, Maori Karmael Holmes (@maorikarmael), Natalie Bullock Brown, and Sahar Driver for sharing their amazing work.

This year we featured an amazing group of comedians in our comedy show “You can joke about that?” at Story Movements 2024. Special thanks to Maggie Crane, Rollie Williams, dlocokid, and Yasmine Lhady for making this year’s convening hilarious.

Founder of @1HoodMedia, @Jasiri_X spoke at Story Movements about the role of the arts and community in grassroots activism. His words were both inspiring and insightful.

Our speakers Isaias Hernandez, Alisa Petrosova, Monique Verdin, and Rollie Williams discussing the role of entertainment and creativity in the climate crisis at @planetworddc.

We were thrilled to have @socialcurrant founder Ashwath Narayanan join us at Story Movements to share his thoughts on how social media can be used to promote social justice. Check out his work at @socialcurrant!

American University’s @kurtbraddock was a featured speaker at Story Movements 2024. He spoke about the impact of implicit language in social media as part of our “Social Media, AI, and Tech for the Future” panel.

This year’s Story Movements convening featured speakers who work in tech, media, grassroots activism, documentary, philanthropy, comedy, and more. With panels focusing on AI and social media, climate change and entertainment, social impact of documentary filmmaking, and how storytelling impacts the survival of democracy itself, we had robust conversations between our audience and our panelists: Ashwath Narayanan, Kurt Braddock, Ravi Iyer, Isaias Hernandez, Alisa Petrosova, Rollie Williams, Monique Verdin, David Conrad Perez, Natalie Bullock Brown, Sahar Diver, Maori Karmael Holmes, Nick Marx, Brandon Kramer, and Jasiri X. Clips will soon be live at!

We were honored to have American University’s Dean of the School of Communication Leena Jayaswal deliver opening remarks at Story Movements. Thank you, Leena, for your wisdom and support!

How does storytelling impact political discourse? Can storytelling help democracy survive? These questions and more were tackled by panelists Nick Marx (@marxnick), Brandon Kramer (@brandon_kramer) and Jasiri X (@jasiri_x) as they discussed their work with our audience.

Story Movements is the brainchild of our fearless leader @catyborum. Even though she couldn’t be there in person this year as she recovers from in an injury, she was still able to deliver our opening remarks via the magic of technology and @planetworddc’s wonderful video wall!