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Ephemeral for no good reason: the waste of documentary and independent films

By Rick Prelinger The wide availability of inexpensive and user-friendlier production tools has finally brought us closer to the long-deferred dream of mass moving image authorship. But while many...

Socially Engaged Public Access Productions: Making the Road by Walking

By Paula Manley   This paper defines the field of socially engaged media in public access television and provides a framework for how social media is being used in public access TV. Socially...

Media and Metanoia: Documentary ‘Impact’ Through the Lens of Conversion

By Pamela Calvert This paper considers case studies of three documentaries in terms of what new insights a conversion perspective brings to an understanding of their immediate and long-term impact....

Media For Social Change: Partnerships

By Pat Aufderheide Click here for an in-depth look at the benefits to filmmakers and funders who form collaborative partnerships in pursuit of their goals.

Evaluating Your Outreach Efforts

Ellen Schneider and Melaine Piersol discuss the importance of outreach campaign evaluations.

Collaborative Strategies for Social Action Filmmakers

By Pat Aufderheide The Independent, November, 2002 This op-ed by Center Director Pat Aufderheide discusses the different forms that collaboration can take throughout the filmmaking process to benefit...

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