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We talk to the brains behind Peabody Awards-recognized TV programs and how their shows are shaping our culture and reimagining the future.

Who are the risk takers that help reinvent and reimagine the kinds of stories we see on TV? And how do they disrupt what we’ve come to expect on our screens and in our culture? We Disrupt This Broadcast, the new podcast from The Peabody Awards and Center for Media & Social Impact, wants to answer these very questions. Produced and distributed in partnership with award-winning audio production group PRX, We Disrupt This Broadcast explores how the minds behind critically-acclaimed TV shows are re-imagining the world and tackling the big issues that move us forward. From intimate interviews with award-winning TV creatives to real talk with experts and social movement leaders, join us as we dive into the inner workings and cultural relevance of the shows that are changing all the rules and shaping our future.


We Disrupt This Broadcast is hosted by comedian Gabe González and features on-air contributions from Caty Borum, executive director of the Center for Media & Social Impact, Jeffrey P. Jones, executive director of The Peabody Awards, and comedian and actress Joyelle Nicole Johnson. In its first season, the podcast features conversations with TV showrunners like Abbott Elementary creator Quinta Brunson, Watchmen showrunner Damon Lindelof, and Ramy creator Ramy Youssef to explore how the most compelling TV shows and the creative powers behind them are upending the status quo — building new culture, community and, ultimately, power, for the very people who have been denied it in the past. Listen to We Disrupt This Broadcastpremiering April 11th and dropping on the second Thursday of every month. Available wherever you get your podcasts.

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Podcast preview with host Gabe González

Pamela Adlon (Better Things) on Breaking the Taboos of Middle-Age Womanhood, Divorce, Menopause and More...

In this episode, we ask the question, “Why are women in midlife somehow still the ultimate taboo in this industry?” Caty Borum, Executive Director of the Center for Media & Social Impact, interviews Pamela Adlon, the creative powerhouse behind the Peabody Award-winning series, Better Things and director of the feature film Babes. Caty and Pamela discuss disrupting the narratives around women in midlife, menopause having an “it girl” moment and the necessity of divorce doulas. They also dive into her commitment to mentoring the next generation of women creators.

Charlie Brooker (Black Mirror) on Technological Dystopianism

In this episode, Peabody Awards executive director Jeffrey Jones interviews Black Mirror’s showrunner and creator Charlie Brooker. They discuss the importance of interrogating technology’s role in our life, disrupting the “tech as savior” narrative, the way both satire and sci-fi imagine our potential (and potentially disastrous) futures and the clash between the ideals of technology and our very human flaws. In the second half, Gabe González talks to tech journalist Carole Cadwalladr about the limitations of journalism to affect change, and the importance of entertainment narratives such as Black Mirror to help the public see and understand the imminent dangers posed by a world increasingly shaped by “Big Tech.”

Episode 3: Ramy Youssef (Ramy) Keeps the Faith

In this episode, we ask the question, “Can faith help us find our place in an increasingly broken world?” Comedian and host Gabe González connects with Ramy Youssef over how he’s used his career in stand-up comedy to push boundaries around taboo subjects like religion and as a catalyst for his show Ramy. They dig into Ramy’s three-dimensional portrayal of an Egyptian, Muslim-American family in all their flaws and the way faith influences each character’s arc in profound ways. After the interview, Gabe sits down with Arij Mikati, Managing Director of Culture Change at Pillars Fund and consultant on Ramy to dig into the importance of showing an array of flawed, funny, fundamentally human Muslim Americans and how the women of Ramy are moving the conversation forward.

Episode 2: Quinta Brunson (Abbott Elementary) Schools Us on Optimism

In this episode, comedian Joyelle Nicole Johnson interviews writer-actor-creator Quinta Brunson about her breakout ABC series, Abbott Elementary, which explores nuanced topics like charter schools and underfunded public education in the most unexpected way – through a lighthearted workplace comedy. Abbott Elementary has built an enormous audience, earned several historic Emmys, and revitalized and revolutionized the network comedy. In this intimate yet lively conversation, Joyelle and Quinta talk Black 90s sitcoms, tackling tough issues with humor, and the enduring power of optimism. Later, host Gabe Gonzalez talks to TV critic Eric Deggans about the ways Abbott Elementary is continuing the legacy of the great Black sitcoms of the 90s and why this representation is so culturally relevant.

Episode 1: Damon Lindelof (Lost, Watchmen) on Collective Trauma and Healing

In the first episode of We Disrupt This Broadcast, we ask the question, what's to be gained from examining collective trauma? Host Gabe González dives deep in his extensive interview with Damon Lindelof to explore this question, which has pervaded his work for nearly twenty years, from 2004’s Lost to 2023’s Mrs. Davis. We also get into how Lindelof has worked with his fellow creatives to broaden his work beyond his personal experience into the ways trauma affects our culture through religion, race, and even AI

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