GoodLaugh’s Good Day

GoodLaugh’s Good Day
Thursday, June 23, 2022

Georgia Room at the Freehand Hotel NYC
23 Lexington Avenue New York NY 10010

9:00 - 9:30 – Coffee & Registration

9:30-9:55 – Welcome to GoodLaugh's Good Day!
Caty Borum, Bethany Hall, Kenice Mobley, Varsha Ramani, Negin Farsad (MC)

9:55-10:40 – Nerding Out: Why Comedy Works for Social Change
Caty Borum, Anne Libera

10:40-11:20 – Comedians Using Their Voices for Social Justice
Corey Ryan Forrester, Joyelle Nicole Johnson, Yasmin Elhady, Negin Farsad

11:20-11:40 – Comedy ThinkTank Part 1: We Have a Problem
Caty Borum, Bethany Hall, Kenice Mobley

11:40-12:30 – Awkwardly Early Lunch

12:30-12:40 – A Word from Roy Wood Jr.

12:40-1:30 – Making Comedy About Crappy Stuff
Whitney Buggs (Color of Change/Buggs Media), Geri Cole, Mamoudou N’Diaye,
Liz Havstad (Hip Hop Caucus), Scott Hutcheson (E Pluribus Unum), and Jay Jurden

1:30-2:00 – Comedy ThinkTank Part 2: Small Groups
Bethany Hall, Kenice Mobley

2:00-2:40 – Tasty Dog Pills: Entertainment Industry and Comedy Transformations
Erika Soto Lamb (Comedy Central/Paramount Global), Jandiz Cardoso (Sundance Institute), Dan Powell (Irony Point)

Spotlight on the Yes, And…Laughter Lab
Murf Meyer (Murf Meyer is Self-Medicated), Carolyn Pierre-Outlar (Rhonda Mitchell, M.D./untitled NBC show), Ayman Samman (Momo’s Amerika)

3:00-3:20 – Where’s GoodLaugh Going in the Future?
Caty Borum, Bethany Hall

3:25-3:45 – BREAK

3:45-4:25 – ThinkTank Part 3: The Big Ideas
Caty Borum, Bethany Hall, Kenice Mobley, all ThinkTank Facilitators

4:25-4:30 – Why Comedy Matters (Closer)
Caty Borum

4:30-5:00 – Happy Minutes: Grab a Drink!

5:00-6:00 – GoodLaugh Stand-Up Show
Kenice Mobley, Corey Ryan Forrester, Joyelle Nicole Johnson, Jay Jurden, Yasmin Elhady, Roy Wood Jr.