Dot Connector Studio: A Focus on Impact

by Stephanie Brown

Notdot-connector-logo too long ago, media impact expert Jessica Clark was leading the Future of Public Media project here at the Center for Media & Social Impact. After that, she helped develop and launch the innovative multimedia production Localore as AIR’s media strategist.

Now she’d like you to meet her next project: Dot Connector Studio, a multiplatform media strategy and production firm that helps creators produce innovative experiences, conduct field research, and design for impact.

Working together or individually, the Dot Connector team helps clients to “build powerful and unexpected connections between users, platforms, disciplines, and influencers.” For example, Studio Associate Erin Polgreen is the co-founder, editor and publisher of Symbolia, a digital comic and news magazine that combines global journalism with interactive illustrations.

The firm got its start last November and has already collaborated with clients including  Media Impact Funders and AIR on developing research-based media impact strategies. Last month the team launched their first Dot Connector Studio production Revenge of the Analog, “an ongoing, multiplatform exploration of life and invention at the cusp of the physical and the digital.”

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