Happy Fair Use Week! And Where to Find the Good Stuff

by Emily O'Connell

Happy Fair Use Week, celebrated by CMSI and so many other organizations! Fair use, the limited right to use unlicensed copyrighted material without permission or payment, makes creative and innovative work possible. Whether it’s journalism, a Google search, an academic research paper, a consulting firm’s meta-data analysis, or a remix, fair use enables it all.

Dive into The Association of Research Libraries’s Fair Use/Fair Dealing Week site, which is aggregating clever work around the globe. (Fair dealing is a set of exceptions common in Commonwealth countries, which also enable creativity and innovation.)

ARL’s own latest infographic, ‘Fair Use Promotes the Creation of New Knowledge,‘ provides 10 compelling reasons for people to utilize fair use and better understand their right to fair use claims. Or, if you’re in Canada, then try this infographic about myths and realities about Canada’s fair dealing and education. Want compete in a make-your-own-meme contest? University of Waterloo is ready for you. How about a poem? Oh yeah, Tufts University has you covered.

Every day this week, ARL is showcasing the previous day’s celebration of fair use-including by CMSI! Enjoy.


Rethinking Fair Use: Rebekah Modrak and the Art of Creative Critique