Venue: Planet Word Museum

Day 1: October 14

8:30-9:00: Coffee + Registration

9:00-9:30: Welcome
Caty Borum Chattoo, Executive Director, CMSI
Gabe González, Comedian, Writer and Actor and Convening MC

9:30-12:00: Leveraging Culture and Storytelling to Create Spaces for Human Connection and Solidarity
In real communities and real places, cultural organizers, storytellers (including comedians) must move beyond ideological binaries of red and blue in order to connect. With the help of storytelling and narrative, they are finding ways to bring people together in solidarity for human dignity, equity, and justice.

Jacqueline Olive, Director Always in Season
Willa Johnson, Director, Appalachian Media Institute
Saket Soni, Resilience Force
Gloria Gonzales-Dholakia, JOLT Initiative and JOLT Action
Corey Ryan Forrester, Comedian, Host, Co-Author The Liberal Redneck Manifesto

12:00-1:45: Lunch + Interactive ‘Fishbowl’

2:00-4:30: Harnessing Creativity, Culture, and Narrative in Contemporary Social Justice Movements
Leaders within contemporary movements and efforts for social justice and equity understand that the role of cultural narratives and creative engagement is key- fact sheets and straight information won’t do the job. Engaging people with the help of creativity and evocative narrative is the heart of this present-day work that extends from physical communities to TV screens to social media platforms.


Chelsea Fuller, Movement for Black Lives
Rebecca DeHart, FairCount
Erika Soto Lamb, ViacomCBS Social Impact
Ryan Eller, New Moral Majority

4:30-5:00: Day 1 Closing Remarks

5:00-6:00: Museum Tour

6:00-7:30: Reception

Day 2: October 15

8:30-9:00: Coffee

9:00-9:30: Welcome
Caty Borum Chattoo, Executive Director, CMSI
Gabe González, Comedian, Writer and Actor and Convening MC

9:30-12:00: Changing the Cultural Mirror in Hollywood
For decades, cultural activists have pressured Hollywood to expand positive portrayals of traditionally marginalized communities, and to correct dehumanizing ones. Today’s cultural organizers work differently, with a broader creative toolbox- including through artistic collaboration and a deeper integration into the Hollywood machine.


Alex Schmider, GLAAD
Arij Mikati, Pillars Fund
Jess Ju, Coalition of Asian Pacifics in Entertainment (CAPE)
Lauren Appelbaum, RespectAbility
Joey Clift, Comedian, TV Writer

12:00-1:45: Lunch + Interactive ‘Fishbowl’

2:00-4:30: Expanding the Lens in the Future of Entertainment Storytelling
Powerful creative energy is emerging from an exciting class of storytellers working across platforms and shifting old media and entertainment business models, from the formal TV business to digital and social platforms. They are expanding the lens of stories and lived experiences made available on small and big screens.


AJ Christian, OTV | Open Television
Diana Williams, Kinetic Energy Entertainment
Eric Deggans, NPR
Emil Pinnock, Unleashing Giants Studios
Joyelle Nicole Johnson, Comedian, Writer, Actress

4:30-5:00: Day 2 Wrap Up

5:00-5:15: Farewell