Mesoamerica Resists

The Abrahmson Family Founder's Room, SIS Building, American University 4400 Massachusetts Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20016

November 21, 2015 3:00pm

Presentation by the Beehive Collective

The Beehive Collective is coming to DC! After almost a decade of careful research, narrative crafting, and design, the Beehive Design Collective has released their “Mesoamerica Resists” graphic and will be on campus at American University to present their incredible work.

beehiveMesoamerica Resists tells the story, through images, of corporate globalization in Mesoamerica through programs such as Plan Mesoamerica (formerly known as Plan Puebla Panama) and community resistance to such policies. The graphic carefully weaves together stories of exploitation and domination from above with stories of grassroots community organization and cultural resistance from below.

For more informatioton see the event listing on Facebook.

Presented by the School of International Service and co-sponsored the Center for Media & Social Impact