#SLSMetrics and #SLSActivism: Social Learning Summit at American University

by Anuj Gupta

ausmcMetrics and partnerships were mantras for people who want to use social media to make a difference at the Social Learning Summit held at American University.

During the #SLSMetrics panel discussion, panelists: Zev Kanter, Neil Welsh, Allen Gannett, Kristin Muhlner, Alejandra Owens, talked to fellow attendees about looking to the end goal of your marketing campaign and setting up realistic and practical goals that could help you achieve that end goal. Are you trying to get 100% user acquisition? Or are you just trying to psyche out the competition? When you have a specific end goal in mind, metrics can help you see what is working and what is not.

In addition, Allen Gannett, of TrackMaven spoke about how many companies typically only look at a part of a new customer or user’s history when tracking conversions and metrics, but Gannett spoke about how it is important to look at the entire path a user takes up until they watch your trailer, buy your movie, or buy your product that you are selling. When you look at the amount of times the user has come to your site or looked at a particular product, you are able see the full picture.

In the #SLSActivism panel, panelist’s Alison Carlman, Laura March, Liz Murphy, Dayna Geldwert, Stef Woods, reiterated the importance of asking for a specific action from your user. In addition, be opportunistic and use breaking news and current events to your advantage when promoting your film. Build relationships that encourage that growth and focus on the small organizations that too are looking to build relationships.

Dayna Geldwert of the United Nations Foundation spoke about how “Partnerships are huge at least digitally” and they are easy to forge since people want to help each other. The end goals of most organizations and socially conscious organization are not to be combative, but instead to be able to use each other’s assets and leverage them for their benefits.


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