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Diversity Begins to Scale at SXSW

SXSW seemed to take diversity more seriously than in the past. There were more women on panels and keynoting...

Fair Use Question of the Month: Fair Use & YouTube

I am a YouTube addict who dabbles in video making of my own. I’m worried though as some of my videos have included copyrighted material.

Happy Fair Use Week! And Where to Find the Good Stuff

Happy Fair Use Week celebrated by CMSI and so many other organizations!

Rethinking Fair Use: Rebekah Modrak and the Art of Creative Critique

Rebekah Modrak, a visual artist and teacher at the University of Michigan, employs fair use to make better art.

Fair Use in Film Courses: Broderick Fox on Empowering Creators

A documentarian and professor at Occidental College, fair use is a necessary ingredient for teaching aspiring filmmakers.

Preserving Software Could Get Easier: The Latest Center Research

Digital culture depends on software. But software preservation is in crisis. Software archivists struggle with copyright law.

Center Research Reaches Australian Policymakers

Australian copyright law has extremely narrow exceptions and US. copyright law has an outsized presence in debates about copy right reform.

Fair Use Question of the Month: Fair Use Protections & Students

I am worried about my students using copyrighted material in their submissions. What kind of protections would fair use offer my students?

Fair Use Question of the Month: Exhibit Materials & Formal Permission

Do I need formal permission to use images from some of the exhibit materials we already have in our holding on supplementary materials?

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