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“Hidden Levers of IP Control” at Global Congress on Intellectual Property and the Public Interest

(From left: Dr. Andrew Rens, Prof. Rebecca Tushnet, Dr. Aram Sinnreich, Prof. Hillary Brill, Prof. Christine Farley, Prof. Kathy Kleiman, and Dr. Patricia Aufderheide, who moderated the...

How a Strategic Alliance Helped Save the Internet: The Digital Future Coalition

At the September 2018 Global Congress on Intellectual Property and the Public Interest, panelists from around the world gathered to discuss the past and future of balance in copyright. One historic...

Fair Use and the Future of Digital Culture

The latest code of best practices in fair use from the Center focuses on the future of digital culture.

Policy Briefing Note: An International Approach to Data Privacy

This is part of an ongoing research agenda geared toward understanding the increasingly central role of data in our public and civic lives.

Games to Strengthen Local Communities? New Research Examines How Cities Can Tap into Popular Games

Research by American University provides case studies and best practices for cities to leverage games like Pokémon GO to achieve local goals

Trumpeting Decency in Trump’s Town: AFI Docs Showcases Big Issues

A quick snapshot of the documentaries and discussions at AFI Docs held in Washington DC in June 2018.

Won’t You Be My Neighbor

Picture Courtesy of Sundance Film Festival A documentary festival can feel like an exercise in resisting hopelessness. Films on refugees, cruel research experiments, income inequality, murder —...

Running With Scissors

Toby Shimin, editor for This Is Home; Penelope Falk, the editor for STEP; Carla Gutierrez, editor for RBG; George O’Donnell, editor for Jackie Robinson When I looked at the schedule for the Full...

This is Home

Courtesy Sundance Institute The documentary This is Home: A Refugee Story follows four Syrian families as they maneuver through the hurdles of creating their new lives in the US. The film begins...

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