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What Creative Artists Should Know About the Future of Intellectual Property — And Why It Matters

Aram Sinnreich provides a timely analysis of how copyrights, patents, and trademarks have political, economic, and cultural implications.

True/False 2020: Reality, Fiction, Foresight

The annual parade, "March March," at True False Film Festival. On the verge of the Great Shutdown, this year’s True/False Film Festival fought off COVID-19 with gallon jugs of hand sanitizer,...

Tools of the Trade: Documentary Makers Talk Gear

This article was originally published on IDA’s website, www.documentary.org For as long as stories have called upon documentary filmmakers to tell them, makers have used—and evolved—technology...

New Research Examines Crowd-Sourced Story Banks for Progressive Advocacy

Our research tells a tale not so much of Silicon Valley innovation, but rather of Beltway ingenuity.

Ethics and Documentary Film: When Is Sponsorship Conflict of Interest?

Every documentary has to get paid for somehow. When does sponsorship put the documentary’s claim to be independent, accurate truth-telling at risk? A new investigative piece by Tim Schwab at the...

CMSI 2019 Year in Review

Read about CMSI's 2019 highlights and find links to our recent work.

Edgy Interactive at IDFA’s DocLab 2019

IDFA DocLab, led by Caspar Sonnen, is one of the premier sites worldwide to view experiment in audio-visual interactive art.

IDFA 2019: The Power of Public Memory in Documentary Film

IDFA is the annual über-showcase of documentary film from all over the world, and a pilgrimage site for doc lovers.

Software Preservationists Need, Want—and Now Have–Better Fair Use Knowledge

A just-completed survey of Software Preservation Network members shows that the Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Software Preservation is a needed and welcome tool to get their work done....

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