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Beyond the hashtags: #Ferguson, #Blacklivesmatter, and the online struggle for offline justice

This research report examines the Black Lives Matter Movement’s uses of online media in 2014 and 2015.

The Journey to the Academy Awards: An Investigation of Oscar-Shortlisted and Nominated Documentaries (2014-2016)

What does it take for a documentary film and its director and producer to make it to the top—the Oscars shortlist, the nomination & the win?

Gordon Quinn

Roger Ebert, of the Chicago Sun Times, called his first film Home For Life (1966) "... an extraordinarily moving documentary." With Home for Life Gordon and Kartemquin established the direction they...

Visiting Filmmaker: Orlando Bagwell

As executive vice-president for Blackside, Inc., he supervised documentary film projects, including the production of the national PBS series The Great Depression and Malcolm X: Make it Plain,...

Ronit Avni, Founder and Director of Just Vision

Ronit Avni is the Director of the Just Vision project, an initiative that brings the stories of courageous Israeli and Palestinian grassroots efforts for peace to American audiences through video,...

Tia Lessin

Tia Lessin, a New York-based documentary filmmaker, received the 2002 Sidney Hillman Award for her work as producer and director of Behind the Labels, a film about sweatshops in Saipan that was shown...

Visiting Filmmakers: Patrice O’Neill and Pamela Calvert

Visiting Filmmakers: Patrice O'Neill and Pamela Calvert The Working Group's 1995 story of how the town of Billings, Montana responded to a rash of hate crimes, Not In Our Town, set a new standard...

Adrian Cowell

Adrian Cowell, the eminent filmmaker who catapulted the environmental movement to save the Amazonian rain forests through the television series The Decade of Destruction and Banking on...

Deep Dive on Fair Use and Consensus Documents

Why take an approach to determining fair use that is rooted in professional consensus, rather than (for example) negotiating standards with right holders or consulting legal experts? At the heart of...

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