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Who Counts as a Journalist?

As part of our ongoing investigation into how documentary filmmakers can protect themselves against deep-pocketed detractors, CMSI recently attended a panel on reporter's privilege, hosted by the Media Law Resource Center Institute and the American University Washington College of Law. Reporter's privilege protects journalists from being compelled to reveal confidential information.  Read more...

What's the Story with Immersive Storytelling?

StoriesLabImmersive storytelling is not just another a fancy buzzword. It’s a great tool filmmakers, journalists, artists and producers use to engage audiences through a captivating, first person interactive experience online and share their messages and stories with the users.

On October 16, the Pride Collaborative presented “StoriesLab,” a day long interactive exploration into immersive storytelling with presentations from those who already learned how to master it. Read more...

From YouTube to Broadcast


The new public television series “Reveal” shows how important content can travel from the internet to broadcast media, bringing online investigative reporting and in-depth research to audiences who are more accustomed to television and radio.Read more...

Spectrum Auctions Threaten Public Television

towerHigh payment projections for the upcoming spectrum auctions are tempting public television stations to sell off channels – but for whose benefit?

The FCC’s October 1st report predicting payoffs of up to $570 million for stations giving up channels in coveted areas has spurred debate over the roles and responsibilities of public television stations in the auctions. Read more...

Fair Use Question of the Month: Capturing Copyrighted Material in the Background

Dear CMSI,

I work as a documentary filmmaker and for my next shoot, we are filming a lot of scenes in a mall and inside a school. I am worried about all the copyrighted content that might be incidentally shown in the background. Read more...