Erica Diya Basu is an independent strategic communication and public affairs consultant who currently resides in Washington DC. Her professional expertise and research interests converge at the intersection of strategic communication, digital policymaking, and public diplomacy with a geographical focus on India and other global south economies’ emerging role in these areas.

Erica has over two decades of professional experience as a communication practitioner across corporate communication, public affairs, and public diplomacy. Before returning to graduate school she worked as the Media and Public Communications Chief at the U.S. mission in Kolkata, India. She was awarded the U.S. State Department’s Meritorious Honor Award for innovative media and public affairs strategies for northeast India. She has also taught graduate-level classes at AU’s Public Communication division.

She is currently working on expanding her doctoral dissertation on privacy advocacy in India into a book manuscript to include other case studies of Internet-related policymaking such as net-neutrality, Internet shutdowns, e-commerce, and intermediary liability policies.

She volunteers as a Chef’s Assistant at Food & Friends in Washington DC and provides pro-bono communication advisory services to New Light NGO in Kolkata, India.

Erica holds a Ph.D. in Communication Studies and a master’s degree in Strategic Communication from American University. Her bachelor’s degree in Speech Communication is from the College of Wooster