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Fair Use Question of the Month: Fair Use & YouTube

I am a YouTube addict who dabbles in video making of my own. I’m worried though as some of my videos have included copyrighted material.

Fair Use Question of the Month: Fair Use Protections & Students

I am worried about my students using copyrighted material in their submissions. What kind of protections would fair use offer my students?

Fair Use Question of the Month: Exhibit Materials & Formal Permission

Do I need formal permission to use images from some of the exhibit materials we already have in our holding on supplementary materials?

Fair Use Question of the Month

Dear CSMI, I am an engineering instructor at a community college working with other teachers across the country to collaborate on an open, online introductory course for students in our field. In...

Fair Use Question of The Month: Poetry Remix

Dear CMSI, I’m an active member of a slam poet association and I sometimes take the verse of past poets to create something new and fresh that feels more current or more me. It feels fresh to me,...

Fair Use Question of the Month

Dear CMSI, I’m a grad student in communications, and I’m comparing the framing of news in various venues. I want to publish my results with an online journal where I can use different media...

Fair Use Question of the Month: Online Databases for Students

Dear CMSI, I teach a course about the history of abstract expressionist art. Over the years, I’ve collected an online database chock-full of high-res jpegs of Kandinsky, Pollock, Tobey, Hofmann...

Fair Use Question of the Month: Analytic Writing About Art

Dear CMSI, I’m writing a book about the legacy of Keith Haring, examining his effect on modern activism and pop art. In order to demonstrate my point, I need to visually quote extensively not only...

Fair Use Question of the Month: Photos for Art Installation

Dear CMSI, As an artist, I want to use photos of models, including the famous ‘60s model Twiggy, to explore our definitions of feminine beauty, in an installation. Do I need to license the...

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