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Kirsten Johnson and “Innocent Until Proven Guilty”

Kirsten Johnson and "Innocent Until Proven Guilty" Kirsten Johnson, a pioneer of Mediarights.org, tackles race and racism in the criminal justice system with lessons won in earlier work on female...

Patricio Guzman

Patricio Guzman In later years, he has been the filmic soul and conscience of the movement to restore a suppressed part of Chilean history. At AU, He screened Chile Obstinate Memory, the record of...

Debra Zimmerman and Women Make Movies

Debra Zimmerman has been the executive director of Women Make Movies since 1983 and was instrumental in Women Make Movies' transformation into the largest distributor of films and videos by and...

Kristi Jacobson and “American Standoff”

Kristi Jacobson and "American Standoff" Kristi Jacobson has produced and directed many social-issue documentaries. She produced Defending Our Daughters, a film about women survivors of the war in...

Sharon Greytak and “Losing It”

Sharon Greytak and "Losing It" Sharon Greytak discusses her movie, Losing It, in this interview.  

Michael Dominic and “Sunshine Hotel”

Michael Dominic and "Sunshine Hotel" A discussion of Michael Dominic's film Sunshine Hotel and the inner life of a bowery flophouse.

Tod Lending and “Legacy”

Tod Lending and "Legacy" Filmmaker Tod Lending describes his journey from despair to success with an African-American family in Chicago's projects in this  interview.

Vincent and Shelley Dunn Fremont and “Pie in the Sky”

Vincent and Shelley Dunn Fremont and "Pie in the Sky" A husband-and-wife filmmaking team talk about taking on the story of one Warhol-era celebrity--an icon of an era in popular culture--in...

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