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Documentaries in a Dark Time: IDFA at 30

The 30th edition of the International Documentary Festival in Amsterdam (IDFA) was nonstop information overload, in a good way.

Interactive Art at IDFA: Big Questions, Some Answers

IDFA DocLab, wound up another extraordinary event in mid-November, at the International Documentary Festival at Amsterdam.

Double Exposure: Filmmakers Tell Truth to Power

Double Exposure Investigative Film Festival (DX), highlights investigative documentaries. CMSI's report inspired some of the activities.

Online News Association 2017: Is AI an Opportunity or a Monster? Yes

At ONA2017, the annual gathering of cutting-edge journalists, the front-and-center news was AI, artificial intelligence. The smart word on AI was simply, This.Changes.Everything. Not necessarily for...

A Social Change Research and Strategy Field Trip to the True/False Film Festival: On Making Ripples in the Pond

How a gun-totting tell-it-like-it-is Mississippi grandma challenged my death penalty views & taught me more about the value of research.

Research, Social Change, Storytelling and Lindy Lou: The Surprising Insights CMSI Learned in Mizzou

Dispatch from the True/False Film Festival

A Real Solution to YEARS OF LIVING DANGEROUSLY? How a Documentary Series Is Mobilizing Millennials to #PutAPriceOnIt

Community Voice Project Digital Stories Screening, October 26th

Last week on Wednesday, October 26th, the Center for Media and Social Impact at American University hosted the Community Voice Project’s Screening of Community and Student Digital Stories. This was...

A New Vehicle for Change: Can Virtual Reality Drive Conservation?

In one week, hundreds of world leaders will come together in Morocco to address the global challenge of climate change at the 22nd Conference of Parties (COP22). However, unlike meetings before, 40...

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