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Upcoming Event

A Conversation with Rebecca MacKinnon

The Center is pleased to announce that Rebecca MacKinnon, co-founder of the citizen media network Global Voices Online and expert on journalism in the digital age, is coming to American University....

Past Event

“15 to Life: Kenneth’s Story” Screening and Q&A

“15 to Life” is a story of redemption that goes to the heart of why children cannot be treated as adults before the law. Eleven years ago Kenneth Young received four life sentences. He...

Past Event

How Fair Use Changed the Documentary Form

10 years after the Fair Use door was kicked wide open, filmmakers continue to celebrate their creative freedom. But what affect has this had on the art form itself? In this eye-opening presentation,...

Past Event

“E-Team” Screening and Q&A

Anna, Ole, Fred and Peter are four members of the Emergencies Team — or E-Team — the boots on the ground division of a respected, international human rights group. Arriving as soon as possible...

Past Event

Doing the Right Thing

Are you an ethical filmmaker? This session confronts the issue of ethics and documentary filmmaking by grappling with several challenging ethical scenarios and then asking whether it’s possible —...

Past Event

Getting Real: Documentary Film Conference 2014

A filmmaker-to-filmmaker event GETTING REAL is a unique gathering of filmmakers and industry professionals that will ignite what is desperately needed in the documentary community: a frank public...

Past Event

“Makers” Screening

MAKERS is a six-part PBS series profiling the impact women have had over the past 50 years in six industries — comedy, politics, space, war, business, and Hollywood. A landmark television and...

Past Event

Media Rise Festival

The 2014 Media Rise Festival is a weeklong series of events in Washington, D.C. that celebrates the power of storytelling, art and design to make the world a better place. September 22-28, 2014. What...

Past Event

Games for Change Arcade

The Games for Change Arcade, which is open to the public, will be held at the Tribeca Family Festival Street Fair in lower Manhattan on Saturday, April 26. The Games for Change Arcade is part of the...

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